Bjorn Lomborg – 1/3000th of a degree will really make a difference

Following on from the last post, in this article from the UK Times Online, Bjørn Lomborg demonstrates the nonsense behind the hysteria to cut emissions in the UK (and by analogy, Australia – since their emissions are of a similar order), and the futility of it all.

Computer modelling – using DICE (dynamic integrated model of climate and the economy) – shows that the net effect of the UK renewables effort is impossibly tiny. The temperature increase by 2100 without Mr Brown’s plan would have been 2.4536181C. With the best-case scenario the huge UK effort means that the temperature at the end of the century would be 2.4532342C. The effect is a difference of about 0.00038C – or about one three-thousandth of a degree in a hundred years. This is the equivalent of delaying the temperature increase by the end of the century by a little less than a week.

And this is from a scientist who subscribes to the IPCC view of climate change, and believes that humans are causing it…

Read the rest here.

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