Ferry, 'cross the Mersey (no, let's walk instead…)

Don’t need the Mersey Tunnel anymore…

I know this isn’t Australian news, but I’m allowed a bit of licence when it comes to the most bizarre stories from my old homeland. That bastion of intelligent and considered reporting, the “Wirral Globe” (who they? Ed) have given us a vision of a post-climate change Britain, and their graphic design department have had a field day creating a photoshopped picture of the skyline of Liverpool, UK with a crusty, dried up River Mersey pasted into the foreground. Note the ferry stuck halfway across – I would have thought they may have managed to get into dock before it all evaporated, but hey, who knows? It could happen in days, hours, minutes!!

After all the scaremongering, Dr Neil MacDonald, lecturer in geography at the University of Liverpool said:

“The general rule is that there will be a reduction in river flows throughout the summer months but there is considerable uncertainty as to the actual amount. I certainly wouldn’t be worrying too much that we are going to wake up and find our river gone.”

So that’s OK then, phew.

Read it here.

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