Cute fluffy creatures threatened by "climate change"

The alleged decline of the polar bear was the ultimate symbol of the evils that capitalism, and its unending lust for growth and development, are wreaking on the planet as a result of “global warming”. However, since polar bears seem to be doing OK, and reports of their demise a little premature, the AGW alarmists have had to find another icon to threaten with extinction as a result of climate change.

HALF to three-quarters of major Antarctic penguin colonies could be damaged or wiped out if global temperatures are allowed to climb by more than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), according to a report released today.

Conveniently leaving aside the fact that temperatures haven’t risen since 2001…

“Penguins are very well adapted to living in the cold and extreme conditions of Antarctica,” said the WWF’s Juan Casavelos, noting that warming has already contributed to a reduction in populations.

“If temperatures increase by another two degrees these icons of the Antarctic will be seriously threatened,” he said.

Read it here.

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