The Age [of Alarmism] – rising sea could flood 700,000 homes

The Age is really on fire this morning, with alarmist pieces literally falling over themselves. It thunders:

MORE than 700,000 Australian homes are vulnerable to rising sea levels, with up to $150 billion worth of homes, property and infrastructure at risk of seawater inundation, a parliamentary inquiry has heard.

Almost all Australians will be affected by rising sea levels, according to the Federal Government’s Department of Climate Change.

It then quotes Professor Will Steffen, director of the “Fenner School of Environment and Society” at ANU, who claims:

the science … has progressed significantly since the publication of the IPCC [report] last year.

True enough, but not in the way you think, mate. He then goes into full blown scaremonger mode:

“The concern is that a threshold may soon be passed beyond which we’ll be committed to losing most or all of the Greenland ice sheet,” said Professor Steffen. “This would lead to 6 metres of sea level rise (with enormous implications for Australia), although the time frame required to lose this amount of ice is highly uncertain, ranging from a century to a millennium or more.”

Wow, 6 metres, a figure like that will almost certainly get me some good publicity. Yes, it will, as long as we have newspapers like The Age that are dumb enough to print it.

Read it here.

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