Nauseating photo of the day

“So Mr Garnaut, where’s the recipe for stewed kangaroo?”

This article in The Age is enough to make one lose one’s breakfast. Under a sycophantic photo of our deluded GG, Quentin Bryce, and Ross Garnaut, it croons:

Essential reading: Ross Garnaut discusses his book with Governor-General Quentin Bryce at the launch in Melbourne yesterday.

Essential for whom, exactly? Anyway, Garnaut then went on to spout his usual brand of alarmism and self-interest, hammering home his view that financial crises may come and go, but climate change won’t go away.

Read it here, if you dare.


  1. Klockarman says:

    I thought you might appreciate a post of mine from a couple of months ago. thanks for putting me on your blogroll, you’re on mine too.P.S. There must be a lot of skeptics in Australia. I have more readers Down Under (per capita) than any other place – by far.

  2. Simon from Sydney says:

    Thanks for the post – very funny! Keep up the good work!Simon

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