Garnaut: tackle climate change to save economy

Arse-over-Apex Logic Alert: We’ve had a few posts over the last few days commenting on the new angle the alarmists are taking, namely that by “tackling climate change” it will somehow help the economy (in particular here, where I comment on what I believe was the first outing of this inverted logic, thanks to Mr A Gore – who else?).

Personally, I fail to see how pouring gazillions of dollars into a pointless “carbon pollution reduction scheme” (that will achieve, let us be clear about this, precisely nothing) can possibly help the economy, whether in a time of growth or recession. Notwithstanding this, Garnaut is now using this argument ad nauseam in order to maintain focus on climate issues when the majority of the population have got more pressing matters on their minds.

Speaking on ABC Radio National’s Saturday Extra programme (reported on the ABC web site, and illustrated again with a hackneyed photo of a belching chimney stack) :

“Any large reform involving structural change, involving low emissions technologies and low emissions forms of transport and so on, requires investment,” he said.

“That is easier to manage as you recover from a downturn. It’s perhaps counter-intuitive but that’s the reality.

Counter intuitive? You can say that again. Will someone please put an end to this madness.

Read it here.

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