Unemployed can go and work in "climate" industries

Compassion personified…

I can’t resist this, from the same ABC news item discussed in the previous post. An economist at AMP Capital, Dr Shane Oliver, has come up with this frankly offensive plan for the new economy:

  • Economy goes into recession;
  • Millions made unemployed;
  • Governments spend trillions tinkering with harmless trace gas;
  • All those unemployed can go and work in new climate-friendly industries.

I’m really not making this up. This guy genuinely believes that we should take advantage of all the poor workers made unemployed by the economic downturn and switch them into climate-friendly jobs, without demonstrating an ounce of compassion for what unemployment really means for millions around the globe:

“Introducing an emissions scheme at a time when those resources are still unemployed … makes sense because those resources can then be reabsorbed into the cleaner parts of the economy,” he said.

Can these guys sink any further in their desperate attempts to justify “tackling climate change”?

Read it here.


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