Greens to hold balance of power in ACT

Pity the poor residents of the Australian Capital Territory who, it looks likely, will have managed to put the Greens in the position of holding the balance of power in the state parliament after today’s election. They’re going to wake up tomorrow morning with an almighty election day hangover, as the thought of wielding such power goes to Bob Brown’s head:

“In the middle of the financial crisis it obviously shows that people are looking at the Greens and they like what they see,” he said.

Yeah, right. The Greens are clearly the party of choice when it comes to sound economic management… Far more likely, it’s just former Labor voters who don’t want another Labor government, but can’t bring themselves to vote Liberal.

“The Greens will see how the election finally pans out and be talking about issues like the commitment of the big parties to make Canberra a solar city,” he said.

“Solar City”? Sounds like something out of Flash Gordon. Enter Ming the Merciless stage left…

Read it here.

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