Krudd & Co – Carry On Regardless

As the economy slows dramatically, and thousands of jobs are lost across all industry sectors, it is lamentable to see that Rudd has his blinkered eyes fixed firmly on forcing through his crazy emissions trading scheme at all costs.

Mr Rudd says the Government will not ignore the problems caused by climate change while it deals with the global financial crisis.

These are both real challenges responsible Governments can’t afford to walk away from either, you have actually got to rise to the challenge, with both I believe we have got the balance right,” he said.

There’s only one real challenge, I’m afraid, and you’re making it worse. Pure climate madness.

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  1. Sydney Accommodation says:

    I’ll put my hand and say I voted labor in the last election for the fist time in by 18 years of voting (yes makes me 40+) and one of the main reasons was the Kevin Rudd’s stand on Climate change and his intention to take a lead in getting something done… well I’m yet to see any real action… and who is the environment minister… is it Peter somebody? Time they acted and got some climate ‘runs on the board’

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