"Climate change refugees" from a sinking atoll

The Carteret Islands are sinking due to their nature as an unstable atoll and the tectonic influences near the junction of the Australasian and Indian plates, but that doesn’t stop the ABC from branding the inhabitants “climate change refugees” – since when has climate change affected the movement of the earth’s crust?

Rising sea levels [falling land levels] means the atolls which make up the Carteret Island group are regularly affected by saltwater flooding, which is destroying fresh water reserves and food gardens, which sustain an estimated 1400 people. But by the end of the year many of them are likely to be amongst the world’s first climate refugees [actually, just “refugees”], as the autonomous Bougainville government wants to begin resettling them on mainland Bougainville.

But if it had been a simple case of a sinking island, it wouldn’t be newsworthy, would it?

Climate nonsense.

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  1. This is the sort of reporting that we get here in the USA as well. I’m 51 and can clearly remember all the dire predictions of another ice age looming when I was a teen. I’m astonished at the large numbers of people who are falling for the global warming hustle. I can’t even discuss it with anyone because the believers are so gulled, and don’t want to hear any logical arguments. Even if the climate does get warmer–so what? We’d have a longer growing season which would surely benefit folks who live in northern areas. Oh, and all those poignant photos of a polar bear “stranded” on a piece of shrinking ice. Does no one say, “Hey, those bears are really good swimmers, no big deal.”In the meantime, we are having an unusually cold winter here in South Texas. I suppose P.T. Barnum was right…there IS a sucker born every minute.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Trish, I agree. I have just finished reading "Air Con" by Ian Wishart. It's a great read. And I'm starting to read Ian Plimer's book "Heaven + Earth". I just can't understand why the climate change believers won't look at the simple facts. Over the past 10 years it has not been getting hotter. Why do people want to believe complicated computer models which have gross assumptions in them. Cheers, Robin

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