New political party launched in Australia: The Climate Sceptics

It would be fantastic to get some openly sceptical members into the Australian parliament, and now there is a party to go with it, The Climate Sceptics ( (thanks to CO2 Sceptics):

Dear fellow Australians

As President of the world`s first up front political party representing climate sceptics I am asking like minded friends and contacts across Australia to do two things to help us.

1) Pass this email onto your contacts and
2) Check our web site and consider becoming a member.

We want to get the news of our existence to every climate sceptic in the country and we need your help to do that.

Very best of luck to them!


  1. Interested in joining them, Simon?

  2. Simon from Sydney says:


  3. Leon Ashby is a farmer who is fed up with the environmental bullying they receive. I’ve read some of his essays and articles.Well written and argued.I suspect it’ll be more a rural party than broad. Shame, though, collecting, say, 10% of the votes in an election could make the major parties wake up…

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