ETS: Garnaut weighs in

Ross Garnaut (remember him??) has emerged from the cave he’s been in since his report was issued last year, and put his 2c worth into the debate about the ETS by urging the Government to “act now on climate change”. Never saw that coming. This is despite emissions dropping anyway as a result of the global financial crisis. The article is helpfully illustrated by the following misleading image:

Since when was CO2 black? Looks more like particulate pollution to me, but hey, who cares?
(© ABC)

“It looks as if we’ve transferred back two years the emissions levels that we were expecting – might turn out to be longer than that if this turns out to be an even worse economic crisis,” he said. [Anyone understand that sentence? – Ed]

We’ve got a little bit of breathing space but we need it because the world’s a long way from where it needs to be.”

Go back to your cave, Prof.

Read it here.

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