Shove off

After the (relative) sanity of that last editorial in The Canberra Times, it’s back on form with ACM’s least favourite journo, Rosslyn Beeby, who interviews some barking mad professor about how our daily shower will be the latest victim of “climate change” (no, really, stick with it).

Climate change will change our social habits, and in 50 years time we won’t be showering every day, and maybe not at all, British sociologist Professor Elizabeth Shove says.

”No, we won’t be dirty, smelly and unhygienic. This kind of social change isn’t about people being forced to give up showers it’s about new habits, new ideas about cleanliness that will become more acceptable, and probably even more popular and enjoyable, than standing under a hot shower.”

To paraphrase The Italian Job, it’s a long way back to England, Professor … and it’s that-a-way.

Read it here.

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