Kevin Rudd – like a cracked record

I have lost count of the number of times Rudd & Wong have spouted the same response to the genuine concerns of business and industry about the introduction of the ETS (i.e. a tax) during the worst economic times since the 1920s. They are like the kid in the playground who covers his ears and shouts “la-la-la-la” so he can’t hear what the other kid is saying… it’s little short of pathetic.

“When we framed the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme [two errors in four words again. Where’s my answer from Penny Wong? – Ed] we did so to get the balance right between protecting jobs on the one hand and dealing with the long term challenge of greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

We believe we have got the balance right [modest as always – Ed] and our intention is to legislate the scheme.

“We think it’s the right long-term strategy for Australia and the planet.”

It will do nothing, repeat nothing for the climate of the planet, or Australia, and the only thing it will do is damage our already weakened economy.

Climate madness.

Read it here.


  1. Wimpy of Canadia says:

    Rudd and Wongsounds likeRight and Wrong

  2. Simon from Sydney says:

    Except in this case it’s Wrong and Wrong again…

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