Acres of alarmism in The Age

Having been branded mentally deranged yesterday for daring to question the consensus on global warming, I read no less than six pages of barking climate alarmism in The Age this morning, all of which bears only tenuous links to reality. It’s like a summary of all the worst warmist propaganda condensed into a single article, full of scaremongering and misrepresentations. And yet I’m the one that’s deranged.

Entitled “Climate’s 11th hour”, I cannot be bothered to refute it all (life is too short), but I can focus on two factors, global temperature and global sea levels. Here’s the quote from the article:

Climate experts are increasingly worried, though. More than 2000 will meet in Copenhagen this week for an emergency summit to emphasise that the shift is happening much faster than expected.

UNSW Climate Change Research Centre co-director Matthew England, one of the summit’s key backers, says it is likely to find that the raw measures of climate change — global average air temperature, global sea-level rise and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations — are all happening at or above the worst-case IPCC scenario.

This is so wrong it is painful. Global temperature, however you measure it, has been falling or steady since 2001. How can that possibly be “at or above the worst-case IPCC scenario”? Sea levels have continued to rise at the same rate as they have for centuries – again, how can that possibly be “at or above the worst-case IPCC scenario”? Did this person actually look at the data? If so, how can he possibly make such a claim? I’m sorry, but if we’re now into the realm of discussing mental health, this is utterly delusional.

And yet The Age mindlessly continues to print it all.

Read it here (if you can stand it).

UPDATE: Of course, what these scientists gathering in Copenhagen should really be discussing is why the earth isn’t warming according to the IPCC models, so that we can better understand the climate system, instead of blundering ahead with their blinkered alarmist propaganda machine.

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