Cyclone Hamish – it's climate change

Of course it is, you denier you. And the Sydney Moonbat Herald is there to make the link.

THOUSANDS of holidaymakers were evacuated from resorts and campsites yesterday as tropical cyclone Hamish moved south along the Queensland coast, amid concerns climate change is generating such severe storms.

Emergency Management Queensland’s deputy executive director, Bruce Grady, said climate change analysis that predicted tropical cyclones of greater intensity was driving the disaster response strategy for tropical cyclone Hamish.

Again, pure nonsense. This hoary old chestnut is still doing the rounds, despite it being debunked long ago. It’s plausible that any warming would lower the temperature differential between polar and equatorial regions which would actually reduce storm intensity. But hey, who cares about the facts? We have to push our scaremongering agenda…

Read it here.

UPDATE: As if by magic, this appears: Tropical cyclone activity [still] lowest in 30 years


  1. TonyfromOz says:

    Simon.Back in my Air Force days, I was at the Technical Trades School in Wagga Wagga in the late 60’s early 70’s. Two mornings a week they would have as part of the Rural Report, long range weather forecasting from Lennox Walker, and his reports were followed religiously by that wider farming and grazing community, mainly because they were always so accurate.He continued the work from 2 previous forecasters and he had long and detailed records dating back to the mid 1800’s.Lennox’s work has been taken over by his son Hayden.He occasionally has a spot on local radio,and oddly enough, he’s treated (by the announcers mainly, who obviously have no concept of the Science) as a bit, how shall we put this, quirky, because even though his work is actually proven over so long a time, and he has a success rate in the mid 90% area, it’s hard for people to actually understand.In October of last year, Hayden had a spot on radio, and said that he predicts 4 cyclones for this this season. He then said that the cyclone in early March would be a biggie that came way South.This one, Hamish, is the 3rd of those 4 cyclones with another one predicted a little later in the Season.He bases all his predictions on Solar activity, Sunspots etc, and with such a high success rate, surely this ‘Science’ he and the 3 before him have used so accurately for so long now, I would tend to go more by what he says than those who put this down to AGW.I find it funny that all the wrong people are being labelled ‘crackpot’ by those who are the crackpots.Tony.

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