Yet more indoctrination – where will it end?

Another day, another example of children being indoctrinated about environmental issues. The fact that there exists an “Australian Youth Climate Coalition” says it all:

Anna Rose, from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, which encourages young people to take action on climate change, says these concerns often lead young people to want to do more.

“We definitely have had a lot of parents talk to us about how they’ve changed their habits because their kids have been pushing them,” she says.

That’s it – get the kids to badger the parents…

She says the green message is understood and accepted by children because, unlike their parents, who see the environment as a political football, their “future is inextricably bound up in it“.

Maybe it’s because children are naïve about the harsh realities of life… I am all for teaching children that we should reduce waste, save energy and care for the environment, but when children are brainwashed into believing a political ideology, that’s indoctrination.

Read it here.


  1. Hitler and of course Goebbels understood the importance of propaganda and children. Watch out for the climate change game in schools…

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