Opposition environment spokesman criticises Government "brainwashing"

Finally, the opposition climate change spokesman, Greg Hunt, has gone on record criticising Penny Wong and the Kruddites for using stealth techniques to brainwash our children into believing the government’s AGW agenda:

[She] announced a taxpayer-funded competition for students in grades 3 to 9, awarding prizes such as iPods and Nintendo Wii consoles to students who best answer the question, “What does climate change mean to me?” using short stories, poems, songs or art.

Ms Wong — charged with selling the Government’s emissions trading scheme amid a global recession — has written to every federal MP urging them to write to local schools to promote the competition.

Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt accused the Government of politicising schools “with a campaign that supports an unpopular and widely regarded as flawed Government policy”.

“It is Orwellian to impose this political campaign on our young students when almost every single school is still waiting for the solar panels Mr Rudd promised them in 2007. If Mr Rudd is so worried about emissions, why is he holding a competition that promises a return jet trip and gadgets that use electricity as prizes?”

Read it here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The Government thinks it can get away with it.If it does. MORE taxes.

  2. Don’t forget, Simon, that they started it on the ABC with their exploding “Carbon Foot-print” pig.http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23761445-2,00.htmlI didn’t think that pig should have flown

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