Climate madness from Malcolm Turnbull

Question: does Malcolm Turnbull really think (a) that CO2 causes global warming [er, surely “climate change”? – Ed], and (b) that an ETS in Australia will actually make a difference to global climate, or he is just scared of being labelled a “denier” and is therefore going along with it to be popular? Whatever the reason, it is climate madness from the Opposition.

LIBERAL leader Malcolm Turnbull says he has “no doubt” that Australia will get an emissions trading scheme.

And he has fired a shot across the bows of his Coalition colleagues the Nationals and climate change sceptics in his own party, warning voters will expect Australia “to follow suit as part of an effective global agreement” if the US develops an ETS of its own.

The Liberal leader yesterday strongly signalled his support, saying: “I’ve got no doubt we have an emissions trading scheme in Australia.”

Unlike Rudd (who unfortunately comes across as not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and therefore hardly surprising that he, like Obama, has been taken in by the spin and political posturing of the IPCC), Turnbull should be able to spot the falsehoods being peddled as facts, and instead of following meekly behind Rudd and Wong, should be asking the government very difficult questions about why they are going headfirst into bankrupting the economy for absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

The Nationals are the only party with any sanity left in the Australian climate debate.

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