Climate hypocrisy in Victoria

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, sadly. Following the Goracle’s example, where those preaching the Word are not bound by the Word themselves:

A BRUMBY Government department responsible for protecting the environment and combating climate change has accumulated enough air kilometres to send staff to the moon and back more than six times.

Despite its website declaring the DSE [Department of Sustainability and Environment] to be “the driving force behind finding new ways of doing things so that Victorians can reduce their impact on the environment and live more sustainably”, its staff were frequent flyers with 2,591,648km of air travel.

That is more than 1021km an employee.

So the loud and clear message from this kind of story is that it’s only the rest of us that have to worry about saving the planet, not those safely aboard the climate change gravy train.

Read it here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes..yes. But when politicians and their grovelling civil servants make statements like that, they are making them as a statement of the hardship that the rest of us mug punters should put up with – not for themselves. Take today’s paper for example:Superannuation (them, not us):,23739,25563237-953,00.htmlElectoral allowances (them, not us):,23739,25555290-5012447,00.htmlSo why would anyone be surprised by them overlooking something as trivial as ‘saving the planet’?

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