Fairytale Facts – Climate madness from The Age

Six outright lies in two paragraphs this morning from the Fairfax media organisation, which deluded readers of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald will swallow whole. The article, by “national climate justice coordinator” (sounds like something that would be more at home in East Germany before the Wall came down) with Friends of the Earth, Damien Lawson, is probably one of the most hysterical pieces ever (and that’s saying something), and I’m only talking about the first ten lines! I knew that the warmists would get desperate, as they see the planet failing to live up to the dire predictions of the flawed climate models of the IPCC…

So, here we go:

We are in a climate emergency, which demands emergency action [1]. The speed and severity of global warming is exceeding even the worst predictions [2], leading many to suggest that greenhouse gas levels are already too high [3].

In Australia, the evidence includes record heat, more severe fires, drought, declining agriculture and a threat to national treasures such as the Great Barrier Reef [4]. Yet they are only the beginning of the catastrophe unless we urgently drive down carbon pollution [5] and prevent feedback loops causing runaway climate change [6].

I suppose I have to waste another five minutes of my life doing this:

  • [1]: Untrue. What makes today’s climate the perfect climate? There is no “emergency” as the climate has been far warmer (and cooler) in the past, and nothing is happening today that exceeds what has happened by natural causes in the past.
  • [2]: Untrue. The climate is cooling, and has been since 2000. It is tracking below the lowest IPCC estimate.
  • [3]: Untrue. What makes today’s levels of CO2 so special? It has been far higher for much of the history of the planet (without “runaway global warming”).
  • [4]: Untrue. There are no proven links between any of those events and “climate change”.
  • [5]: Untrue. “Driving down carbon pollution” in Australia will do nothing for the climate, even if CO2 were a driver of temperature.
  • [6]: Untrue. There is no evidence of such feedbacks having ever occurred in the past, and no evidence of any previous “runaway climate change”, despite huge levels of CO2 up to thousands of PPM.

This is disgraceful journalism, and shame on Fairfax for printing it. It shows how the media don’t give a fig about what is really happening to our climate, and only care about selling papers with mindless alarmism.

Read it here.


  1. Neil Fisher says:

    Great blog – keep up the good work."Climate Justice Co-ordinator" – well, perhaps Gore and Hansen will be braught to justice after all!

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