Fielding writes to senators about ETS

Steve Fielding certainly isn’t convinced by the woolly thinking of Rudd & Wong on climate change, and is now encouraging other senators to do their own research:

In a letter to senators yesterday, Senator Fielding — who has recently emerged as parliament’s most vocal climate change sceptic — said carbon emissions had “skyrocketed” over the past 15 years, but temperatures had remained steady.

Senator Fielding said Climate Change Minister Penny Wong and Australia’s chief scientist had failed to explain why this was the case.

He said it ran counter to assumptions underpinning the carbon pollution reduction scheme that carbon emissions were the leading cause of global warming.

“Therefore, I ask you to think carefully before voting on the CPRS legislation, a multi-billion-dollar tax that could cripple our economy with little benefit to environment,” he wrote.

He has also asked Al Gore for a meeting to discuss the science. All I can say to that is he’ll be waiting an awful long time. Gore doesn’t “do” science, or debates for that matter. Just propaganda.

Read it here.


  1. Steve Fielding and Ian Plimer are making big waves – tsunamis in fact. Is the MSM in Oz picking up on the issue ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Plimer said CO2 warmed the climate, what was he talking about?

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