Climate madness from UK Daily Telegraph

Why would the Daily Telegraph print this utter nonsense? Wait, I know! Maybe it’s because the Tele, which used to be a serious conservative broadsheet, is now the daily version of Hello, whose editors will print any old rubbish if it will sell:

Looks more like a runny nose to me

Marine photographer and environmental lecturer Michael Nolan captured the pictures while on an annual voyage to observe the largest icecap in Norway Austfonna on July 16.

He said the image looked just like mother nature in tears, “as if she was crying about our inability to reduce global warming”.

Yeah, right.

Read it here.


  1. Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar says:

    I have been reading the Telegraph for many years.I liked it for its neutral/sceptical stance on the AGW nonsense.Now the Barclay Bros (channel island blues brothers) are in charge the whole ethos and stance has changed, sometimes I wonder if I haven't picked up the Grauniad by mistake!So much BS in the Telegraph (see above!), but now with the Telegraph 'gone' only one left, is the Sun!! I shall have to try to change the paper! James Delingpole is a sceptic in the Torygraph blogs. (- but a lone voice).Thank God for blogs like this one.The AGW scam is…….lunacy…..but I look at the devotion people had for mass murderers like Mao in the west…. and the AGW alarmism (religion) perhaps is no surprise. Bernie Madoff made millions from rich gullible fools, most of them no doubt believe in AGW………. . Like Galileo's battle with the doubters, it is incumbent on the wisdom and perception of the 'heretic' to make the masses see the error of their ways. I ain't no great thinker but I'm able to detect the stench of BS from a mile away………!

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