Lights will go off in NSW if this happens

Climate madness from the Greens in NSW [Sorry, did you expect something different? This is the Greens we’re talking about – Ed], who are always good for a laugh, as they urge the scrapping of new coal fired power stations until carbon capture technology is available:

Greens’ MP John Kaye says plans for future coal-fired plants should be abandoned.

“The Rees Government’s pushing ahead with the myth of carbon capture and storage to try and disguise the fact that their coal-fired power station building program will push up the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by a massive 57 per cent,” he said.

“The only way they can justify that is by saying that some day soon they will be able to bury the carbon from those power stations.”

Scrapping new coal fired power stations, required to service economic growth and maintain standards of living, when there ain’t any alternative is pure barking madness. Furthermore, the Greens would never, ever concede that their hippyish 1970s bumper-sticker opposition to nuclear power might be contributing to rising emissions from coal.

Unfortunately, however, in Greens MPs’ brains, the lights went out long ago, much as they will in NSW…

Read it here.


  1. Please see the about face from the UK New Scientist…

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