London's Natural History Museum pushes climate alarmism

Indoctrination Alert, as the Natural History Museum in London appears to be the latest in the long line of museums to fall into the alarmist camp, like the Australian Museum here, opening a new 8-storey extension, the Darwin Centre:

The £78 million ($148.83 million) building houses 17 million insect specimens and three million plant specimens as well as a Climate Change Wall of screens showing the impact of global warming.

Sharon Ament, director of public engagement at the museum, said the Darwin Centre “will really show our visitors why and how our scientists tackle some of the most pressing issues we face today – from the spread of disease to the impact of climate change on the planet’s wildlife“.

Here are a few choice quotes from the museum’s web site. Firstly, about the new Climate Change Wall:

The 12m-wide interactive wall of screens show 100s of images and films about the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

As you approach or move past the wall, it responds to your presence with a dramatic transformation of colour, light and sound.

Watch the colours and images change to show the consequences of human impact on our climate. See ice melt, vegetation thrive, oceans surge, then land dry out, forests flame red, and animals disappear. (source)

And on their Climate Change pages:

The climate has changed continually throughout Earth’s history because of natural causes. But today’s climate change is different – it is caused by humans.

Find out how scientists first discovered that human activity was causing global warming, what consequences they think this will have over the next century, and what the international community is doing to limit the damage. (source)

Today, the levels of carbon dioxide produced by human activities have upset the Earth’s climatic balance.

Many of our activities release carbon dioxide. When we burn fossil fuels, we release this greenhouse gas. When we cut down forests, we remove the trees that once soaked up carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. (source)

There is clearly no doubt in the museum’s curators’ minds: global warming is caused by humans, full stop. I don’t know about you, but this kind of bias makes me furious. Science is supposed to be apolitical, but here is one of the most (formerly) respected museums falling hook, line and sinker for the alarmist AGW agenda, and indoctrinating countless children to close their minds, parrot “the science is settled” and that we need to “tackle climate change”, and never investigate the real, and far more complex, debate. There really is little hope.

Read it here.


  1. barking toad says:

    They prostitute themselves to those who fund their gravy train.

  2. A better name would be:The Lysenko Goldfish Bowl. Unfortunately for skeptics, this type of publicity is extremely powerful, symbolic and proselytising. No better venue than the Natural History Museum – under the protecting influence of Darwin – to propogandize`AGW theory as a legitimate fact. Positioning "Climate Change" (AGW theory)in close proximity to Darwin and evolution is a blatent attempt to add credibility to it by association. A typically disingenuous, manipulative but dangerous political move. Perhaps the skeptics days are numbered after all, and soon we will have our dissent pathologised, our transport curtailed, our children's minds captured and our freedoms eroded in the service of the New Age of Gaia's political and religeous elites.

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