Astonishing quote from "The Age"

The Age reports on another “yoof” climate campaign wittily entitled “Youth Decide” (“you decide,” geddit? Link here.) in which the kids of today vote on which world they wish to inherit. Here are the three options:

Note they don’t include a mini Ice Age resulting from reduced solar activity

Even The Age pokes fun at the poll, wondering why we should pay attention to the opinion of 12 year olds (brainwashed at school by endless showings of An Inconvenient Truth in science class, rather than in politics class). But it also includes an almost unbelievable quote, revealing a great deal about The Age‘s view on the campaign to save the planet from climate change:

There is not, now, much value in arguing about the science of climate change. Even if it’s wrong, enough people now believe it that it may as well be right. 

In other words, give up trying to argue that the science is wrong. We’ve successfully pulled the wool over the public’s eyes now, mostly thanks to the misrepresentations in the media, and primarily thanks to the alarmist Fairfax (which includes The Age itself and The Sydney Morning Herald), and so who cares if it complete BS? We will achieve our political goals whatever happens now.

Well, I have news for you, Michael Coulter and your colleagues in Fairfax. Whether you like it or not, we will continue to argue that the alarmist science is wrong until there isn’t a breath left in our sceptical bodies. And nothing The Age or The Sydney Morning Herald prints will stop that.

Read it here.


  1. 1 billion more people in 15 years time, blows any "improvement" out of the water. Of course appearing to address the nonsense of AGW is much more politically acceptable than addressing over-population.

  2. idiot.

  3. Lars, Denmark says:

    Only on word for it if such twisted logic is used. He must be: Cli-mad!BTW: Have a look at their briefing paper on the science behind climate change: propaganda with the thoroughly discredited Hockey Stick proudly displayed.

  4. Besides the science, there is the "Big Lie" and the "Big Lie" is the notion that "Global Warming" is an environmental catastrophe. It is not! By nearly any measure, a warmer climate would be better for human existence here on Earth. Longer growing seasons, more land available for agriculture, more rain and fresh water, more CO2 to stimulate agricultural production, less ice and snow, lower costs for heating, shorter flu season … it's really a long list. The propaganda and politics behind "Global Warming" have truly carried off one of the greatest "Big Lie" campaigns of all time.Taking on the science with all its technical mumbo jumbo is a difficult route, and plays right into the hands of the "Man behind the curtain". Exposing the "Big Lie" for what it is would be easier to understand by average people who don't have the time or education to pick through the minutia of atmospherics and its associated sciences. I see this is supposed to be a humerous blog. Well I am not amused! What the "Climate Change" mavens have in store for us if they win doesn't tickle my funny bone in any manner what-so-ever. Steve CaseBrown Deer, WIUSA

  5. interglacial john says:

    Steve is right. If these frauds were actually concerned about their progeny they would be researching the coming ice age. Warming = good, cooling = bad. The devastating effects of a cooling planet have gone virtually unmentioned Crop failures, exposure and mass migrations will accompany the next ice age. We should be preparing for this looming disaster. When it strikes we will likely wish co2 could save us.

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