Not acting on climate is "benign genocide"

You heard it here first. The hyperbole reaches ludicrous levels as an alliance of small island states claims that failing to “tackle climate change” is equivalent to genocide, at least of a benign variety, whatever that is:

The alliance’s chairman, Grenada Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, says the states are gravely concerned for their survival.

We’re already being threatened,” he said.

“What I’m saying is that those who are really concerned about humanity and about survival, would they just sit back and permit countries to disappear?

“It is really an ethical question we are faced with now. A failure to act is sort of really a benign genocide in a sense.

Is it also “benign genocide” when a volcano erupts, an earthquake strikes or when tectonic plate movement means an island sinks into the sea? No, they are the natural hazards of living on planet earth, just like climate change.

Read it here.


  1. michaelwise says:

    I have to laugh my ass off at the global warming conspiracy deniers when I see what the Sun is denying them of every day. No sunspots for them for a very long time till they learn a lesson they will never forget, HAHA. The lesson includes, you can’t trick the world into accepting global energy rations and Rothschild style control of the energy markets through junk climate science. Watch this 1990 documentary, it proves the on-going conspiracy to control the entire world through global taxation of the energy markets.The Greenhouse Conspiracy sunspots for Obama till he learns a lesson he will never forget!

  2. Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar says:

    Latest reports show ice reforming in the Arctic, at levels about 2005 vintage, plus down in your 'neck of the woods' the Anarctic is growing.But, to all right thinking people, the AGW spin grows ever more shrill, they need sentient people on board, but the louder the cries of doom grow, the more good people grow tired of the cowpooh.The AGW Mind***k keeps telling us that we're going to hell and were causing hell here on Earth.Well mother Earth disagrees! and just gets on with COOLING!Is anybody ( particularly Politicians or are they all Chicken Lickens) LISTENING??

  3. The debat is over, these climate clowns reached their tipping point: They went definitly insane

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