The Hockey Stick – finally dead

Michael Mann’s famous “hockey stick” graph, the ultimate alarmist propaganda poster, has, we hope, finally been laid to rest. The stick was a central part of the IPCC’s third assessment report, but was strangely dropped in the fourth. However, our own government still continues to use a version of it in order to mislead the unsuspecting public:

Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit has finally killed it off (although I can’t imagine Michael Mann going quietly on this) by demonstrating that the characteristic shape was achieved by cherry-picking only certain tree-ring data that produced such a shape. If all of the data had been used, the result would have been far less interesting, and therefore would not have advanced the alarmist agenda (check out the black line in the following graph):
The next graphic compares the RCS chronologies from the two slightly different data sets: red – the RCS chronology calculated from the CRU archive (with the 12 picked cores); black – the RCS chronology calculated using the Schweingruber Yamal sample of living trees instead of the 12 picked trees used in the CRU archive. The difference is breathtaking.
This is sadly yet more evidence suggesting that climate change research has been corrupted by unscrupulous scientists seeking to advance a pre-conceived agenda. 
Read the full story here.


  1. I think this is a serious nail in the AGW coffin. The science of global warming/climate change is not only under constant and ongoing debate, but the major assumptions used to justify draconian political measures are shown to be phoney.There will be defections from the AGW brigade to climate scepticism, and these are likely to turn into a tipping point…not the sort of tipping point the alarmists would wish for.

  2. Mark Johnson says:

    To quote Monty Python: " I'm not dead yet"See:

  3. Simon from Sydney says:

    The only thing real in "Real Climate" is the unbelievable spin, the unremitting bias, and outright misrepresentations, not to mention an overwhelming desire to keep the hockey stick relevant, as without it, the alarmist cause is virtually lost. RC would spend 6000 words arguing black is white…

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