ACM competition: "Spot the Bull"

Kind of like “Spot the Ball” but in this case we’re using our sceptic olfactory organs to sniff out climate bullshit (of which there’s plenty around).

Here is the ABC in full alarmist mode. In a completely uncritical interview with ACM’s favourite alarmist, Will Steffen, on ABC’s Catalyst, there is spin heaped upon hysteria heaped upon alarmism heaped upon… you get the idea.

The interviewer, Dr Jonica Newby, challenges Steffen on absolutely nothing, and swallows absolutely everything. Not a single difficult question, not a single alternative viewpoint, and this is our national broadcaster’s flagship science programme acting as a platform for a well known climate alarmist. And it will only get worse as we approach Copenhagen.

So here it is: The Inaugural ACM Competition

ACM readers are invited to submit comments to this post pointing out the misrepresentations (or even, dare I say it, lies) that you can find in the video of the segment here, together with a transcript.

There is also a web extended interview with Steffen in two parts: first video is here, and second video is here (second part mainly plugging Copenhagen)

Feel free to complain to the ABC as well. With propaganda like this, there is little hope for the public ever having a balanced view of the climate change debate.


  1. That is the most unbalanced and alarmist view I've seen for a long time… well at least for this week!When will these people learn that we're not listening to their "Inconvenient Lies" anymore!

  2. Ross Garnaut Is Accountable says:

    As part of the "Special Effort" in the leadup to the Copenhagen Gab-Fest the ABC has abandoned any pretence at balance and is dutifully performing its role as propaganda organ for the Mad Hatter's Warming Party. I see that it is embracing the methodology much favoured by economists who chair climate enquiries: Tell a big lie, and tell it frequently.

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