"Thousands" will attend climate protests

The dog-on-a-string brigade will be out in force today protesting about the lack of action on “tackling climate change”. So all the usual suspects will be there, namely the Socialist Alliance, Socialist Youth Organisation, Socialist Alternative (like here, for example), oh yes, and a few Greens for good measure. Who says climate alarmism is about social change? And the ABC churns out its usual misleading photograph of CO2 to illustrate the story:

Harmless, colourless CO2, or is it particulates and toxins?

Australia will lead a day of international climate protests calling on world leaders to cut the planet’s pollution and deliver a climate deal in December.

More than 170 countries are taking part in today’s demonstration, with more than 3,000 events planned around the world.

Protesters are concerned that world leaders, including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, have not delivered strong enough emissions targets to avoid runaway climate change.

The day of protests kicks off in Australia with thousands expected to attend more than 230 events organised across the country.

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  1. Heh, the usage of the 'CO2 smokestack' photos put me in mind of the big budget movie depiction of computers back in the '70s. Any time a computer was 'up to something', like solving a serious plot twist, they always showed the tape drives merrily spinning back and forth. Never did they show the actual computer, since visually, it doesn't do anything.To be more accurate, the ABC should show a group photo of the young socialists exhaling with the caption indicating how their exertions increased their CO2 output.MikeW (USA)

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