More photos of the "thousands" at global "350" protests

Here are the thousands that turned up in Rome:

There are precisely 58 people. I just counted them. And that’s in a city of 3.7 million. They couldn’t write the message on the ground except by lying down. Here are the thousands that turned up in Kiev (pop. 2.8 million):

Maybe a hundred, if we’re being generous (excluding all the bystanders looking puzzled). But at least they could all stand up. Yet despite the almost laughably small size of these protests, they get huge coverage in the media. A Google news search of “350 climate” yields no less than 2,521 news articles in the past day (see here). Just another example of the undue weight the alarmist media affords to a tiny news story when it has the magic words “climate change” in it.
The photos are grabbed from a BBC story here.


  1. Obviously not everyone agrees with this nonsense.Check out this vid & song from the Minnesotans For Global Warming — "If We Had Some Global Warming". Hilarious.

  2. More peope turn up to pose naked for that installation artist Spencer Tunick in the middle of winter!I accidentally took my kids to the beach once during a similar AGW rally a few years ago. It was in the swank Bayside neighbourhood (2nd most expensive property values in Melbourne), after the rally was over, and the helicopters had gone away (carbon-footprint THAT, why don't you), I noticed that most of the protesters climbed back into their Toorak Tractors (SUVs) for the trip home.

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