Aussies not worried by climate change

Despite all the hype, all the spin, all the (dare I say it?) lies from the warmists, the media and the government, the Australian public are thankfully not falling for it.

A new international survey has found Australians no longer care about climate change as much as they do about domestic issues and the financial crisis.

The survey looks at attitudes towards climate change in 12 different countries and found concern in Australia dropped in the past year by 14 per cent – the largest drop among the developed nations surveyed.

But the Climate Group CEO, Steve Howard, still claims (bizarrely) that the public is clamouring for a deal at Copenhagen:

“Around the world, four out of five people want to see a good global deal in Copenhagen,” he said. [What? 4.5 billion people? Do me a favour, pal – Ed]

“Are people a little bit less concerned than this than 12 months ago or two years ago? Yes they are, but we’ve just had a global financial crisis and I think we’ve seen a reordering of people’s priorities.”

In other words, the public is realising that the climate crisis is little more than a smoke and mirrors exercise in apocalyptic alarmism and stealth taxation, just like it is in the US and around the world.

Read it here.


  1. Let’s hope the “general public” are finally waking up to the alarmist hype and distortions! PS – good to have you back Simon.

  2. Thanks!

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