NSW government's fantasy sea level rises

Manly in the year 2100 according to the models…

Manly in the year 2100 (according to the models…)

Like the rest of the country, New South Wales is now gearing up to base its planning decisions on sea level models that have very little to do with reality. We’ll let the Manly Daily take up the story:

The government yesterday announced the next step in its plan to respond to the future challenges of sea level rise.

The guidelines outline an approach to assist councils, state agencies, planners and developers when addressing sea level rise in land-use and development assessment.

According to the government, best available research indicates sea levels along the NSW coastline will rise 40cm by the year 2050, and 90cm by 2100.

This will have a significant impact on areas such as Collaroy Beach which suffer severe erosion.

40cm by the year 2050? That’s 1cm per year, which is fully three times the current rate of increase, which is about 3mm per year, and which for the last couple of years is actually slowing down! But hey, who cares? The models tell us 40cm by 2050, and the models can’t be wrong, so we will enact laws that will inconvenience thousands of people and lose huge amounts in property values for thousands more.

Climate madness.

Read it here.


  1. Yep. Just like I thought… these guys are smoking too much of the funny stuff they grow out on the forests!
    Still, when did common sense and a bit of research compare with a vote of two from the pale green side of the electorate. The problem with common sense is… it’s so uncommon!

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