Quote of the Day – Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch has gone very cool on Kevin Rudd, in an interview reported today. Here’s my favourite quote:

“If Rudd thinks we can set an example for the rest of the world with a cap-and-trade system on greenhouse gas emissions – the ETS – all it would do is push up the cost of living in Australia and the rest of the world will laugh.”

Read it here.


  1. I guess we can look forward to Dudd now ranting at Murdoch and accusing him of being either:
    1). a climate science denier (possibly); or
    2). someone who pays lip service to the science and the need to act on climate change but oppose every practicable mechanism (unlikely); or
    3). someone who believes their country should wait for others to act first (highly likely).

    Given that Murdoch is basically calling Dudd’s bluff on the subject, hopefully we can look forward to Dudd going down the same path as the equally weak-minded Obama and publicly brawling with Murdoch and Fox.

    Before Dudd embarks on this strategy, he might want to give Paul Keating a call and ask him about the merits of openly brawling with media proprietors. Not that Dudd is likely to listen to advice from anyone else, of course – given that he knows everything about everything already.

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