WA sea level rising "at double the global average"

Bad hair day for Alannah MacTiernan

Bad hair day for Alannah MacTiernan

A crazy day for sea level climate madness. Only this morning, we read that sea levels on the Eastern seaboard were rising much more slowly than predicted, and then, not to be outdone, the ABC trumpets that Western Australia’s sea levels are rising faster than the global average:

Figures from the National Tidal Centre show sea levels along Western Australia’s coast are rising at a rate double that of the world average.

Global sea levels rise at an average of just more than 3 millimetres a year.

Latest figures show sea levels have risen an average 8.6 millimetres a year off Perth and 8.1 millimetres in the Kimberley.

The Opposition’s spokeswoman for regional development, Alannah MacTiernan says future planning needs to consider rising sea levels.

“Our planning policies have been actually based on the global averages and now that we see from these figures the sea level rise in WA is more than twice that,” she said.

“I think we’ve got to take some urgent action.

I agree – get your tide gauges checked, and pronto.

Read it here.


  1. “I agree – get your tide gauges checked, and pronto.”
    Where do they get this stuff??? I’ve been going to the same stretch of WA coast for 40 years and NOTHING’S changed! And to think I was once a member of the same party as deal old senile Alannah.
    Simon, this blog is far and away the best in Oz. In getting info out to the public I rank you up there with Watts Up With That. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sea level rising less than average on East Coast, more than average on West Coast?

    How do they know it’s not Anthropogenic Continental Tippening?

    I personally know of two families that’ve moved here from over East in the past few months, and BOTH of them are significantly overweight. Mums, dads, kids, even pets – all fatty boom-bahs.

    Send ’em all back across the Nullarbor – maybe throw in a bonus overfed union official or three – and we’ll even back out in no time.


  3. Ezzackly!!

  4. So eventually there will be huge currents north and south as the water rushes from west to east. Should be fun on a boogie board…

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