Wong: sceptics in "fantasy land"

Our climate spin is this big

Our climate spin is this big

Penny Wong has hit back at the Liberals after yesterday’s Four Corners, accusing them of inhabiting a “fantasy land”. Denier Alert as the Wong-bot gets personal:

“This is fantasy land,” she told Fairfax Radio Network on Tuesday.

“As we get closer to the pointy end of this discussion, the people who have blocked action on climate change for years by denying the science, by scaremongering and by delaying are simply going to become more shrill.

Scaremongering, Penny? Don’t make me laugh – that’s the job of your lapdog alarmists, like Will Steffen.

“And the government is also very clear about our view – this is in the national interest of Australia,” she said.

In the national interest to burden the economy with a huge tax which will achieve nothing whatsoever for the climate, and before we have any idea what will happen at Copenhagen? Perhaps you can just explain that one again, because to my mind, that sounds like total climate madness.

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  1. ‘To be fair to Margaret Thatcher it should be said that in her 2002 book Statecraft she resiled from her earlier position. In the chapter ‘Hot Air and Global Warming’ she wrote: ‘Since no plan to alter climate could be con- sidered on anything but a global scale it provides a marvellous excuse for world-wide, supra-national socialism.’ The Lavoisier Group, Back to the 19th Century

  2. The way forward for k.d. wong is simple:

    Instead of continually haranguing people who disagree with her, and hiding behind Ross Garnaut (as she did in the Four Corners interview last night) — show us the evidence! Ross Garnaut isn’t evidence — he’s an economist, for Christ’s sake!

    I throw something at the TV everytime I hear these clowns talk about “the science”. Show us your evidence, and show us how this evidence mandates “solutions” that are “in the national interest”. Kevin Rudd collecting accolades in Copenhagen is not part of the national interest.

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