This is what your scare tactics do

Governments across the world realise that indoctrinating children and young people with climate change alarmism is a clever tactic. They are far less experienced in the ways of the world, less sceptical and suspicious, and they will believe much more of what they are told by figures in authority (teachers in particular). They will then take these messages home to their parents and the job is done.

However, scaring our children witless about climate change isn’t without serious consequences, as demonstrated by the following case, and there will no doubt be many more:

Fears about the environment have been linked to a growing number of mental health issues in young people, writes Mary Fallon.

Last year a 17-year-old boy in Melbourne became the world’s first person to be diagnosed with “climate change delusion”.

Dr Robert Salo at the Royal Children’s Hospital reported that his patient believed his water consumption would deplete water supplies, leading to the deaths of millions of people, and that he had internet research to prove this.

He had attempted to stop drinking and checked for leaking taps to prevent the catastrophe.

The boy had a major depressive disorder with delusions specifically relating to climate change.

Salo has also seen worries about climate change in a number of young people with anxiety disorders, including obsessive compulsive and generalised anxiety disorder.

“They feel anxious about their own contributions to climate change and usually have concerns related to water usage,” he says. (source)


  1. Hi there, this is something I have blogged about a couple of times: If you are interested you can find more details at: Where I discussed the original paper outlining climate change delusion.


  2. Thanks, I will check it out!



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