Who are the real "fruit loops"?

IPCC meeting

IPCC meeting

A royal brouhaha is developing over Nick Minchin being branded a “fruit loop” by an anonymous Liberal insider, after his performance on ABC’s Four Corners this week (see here for previous coverage).

A newspaper report on Wednesday quoted an unnamed Liberal frontbencher saying Senator Minchin came across as a “complete fruit loop” for suggesting climate change was a left-wing conspiracy.

“Border control is going along a treat and they come out behaving like total f…wits. They don’t know how crazy they look, because crazy people never do,” The Australian quoted the Liberal as saying.

And of course, never a party to pass up the opportunity to score cheap points, Labor wade in:

Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner last night accused Mr Pyne of being the unnamed source.

“Leading figures in the Liberal Party are starting to talk a bit like members of those nutty militias in the United States who go on about one world government and global conspiracies,” he told ABC television.

“Pretty soon they’ll be talking about UFOs or something, it’s really just off the planet some of this stuff.”

But who are the real “fruit loops” here? Those, like Senator Minchin, who express the views of a growing proportion of the population concerning doubts about the causes of “global warming”? Or maybe, on the other hand, it’s those who would resort to name calling in order to stifle debate on the single biggest issue to face Australia for a generation? Or maybe it’s those who unquestioningly believe every single word that the IPCC, with its consensus of 2500, 4000 or maybe 10,000 scientists, utters? Or even those who think that negotiating with the government in order to pass the ETS is a sensible course of action? Or those who compare climate realists to people who see UFOs? Or those who think that we should pass an ETS into law before we have a clue what the rest of the world will do?

I think I know the answer.

Read it here.


  1. “First they ignore you
    then they ridicule you,
    then they fight you,
    then you win.” –
    — Mahatma Gandhi

    After Lindsay Tanners comment last night we are at stage two now.

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