The "Children and Grandchildren" Report #2


Episode 2. Fasten your seatbelts.

Al Gore at the Green Buildings Expo – 12 November 2009

Gore exhorted USGBC members to continue their important work and predicted that people would look back at the green building movement as one of the keys to having put the brakes on unmanageable climate change. As importantly, he said that all of us in the movement can look our children and grandchildren in the eye and say that we acted when had to. (source)

Alan Khazei – Democratic candidate for Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat – 13 November 2009

“We’re either gonna deal with climate change or my children and my grandchildren are gonna grow up on a planet where literally they’re trying to breathe, and have clean air and clean water, and survive.” (source)

Doris O. Matsui – US Democratic congresswoman – 13 November 2009

“These bills comprise an energy plan and a jobs plan. By making these investments now, we can regain our competitiveness in the world by producing clean energy here at home. This Congress’ commitment to putting America on a path toward energy independence will allow our children – and our grandchildren – to live in a country that is more sustainable, more economically viable, and more energy-efficient than the country we live in today.” (source)

Stephen Chu – US Energy Secretary – 13 November 2009

Making an emotional appeal, he said: “Climate change is not about today, not about us. It’s about our grandchildren.

The world-renowned physicist said that it was “universal” in all cultures for parents to want a better future for their children. (source)

US Senator George V. Voinovich – 14 November 2009

There is a heated debate currently underway on Capitol Hill that you should be paying close attention to. The result of this debate will affect Ohio’s economy, your family’s pocketbook, and the quality of life of your children and grandchildren.

No – I’m not referring to health care reform. I’m talking about climate change. (source)

Tony Juniper – UK Guardian – 15 November 2009

While politics is sometimes about compromise and being flexible, unfortunately it is not possible to negotiate with nature. The longer the world delays in putting in place the aggressive emissions reductions needed to avoid dangerous levels of climate change, the more risk we are placing before our children and grandchildren. (source)

Connie Hedegaard – Danish Climate and Energy Minister – November 2009

As the consequences of climate change become more visible, increasing numbers of people have come to recognize that the longer we hesitate, the more expensive the problem becomes. The longer we postpone action, the bigger the bill that we pass on to our sons and daughters and grandchildren will be. (source)

Many more to come!

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