Rudd ploughs on regardless

I know 5 facts about climate change, all of them wrong

I know 5 facts about climate change, all of them wrong

So now we can be 100% certain that forcing the ETS through parliament is nothing more than political vanity on the part of Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong. The circumstances have changed so much in the last few days, and there will be no binding deal at Copenhagen, but that doesn’t deter the great Chairman Rudd (and I have to warn you, there is a stack of tired climate clichés ahead):

On Sunday, Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen told leaders of the 21-nation Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation group, meeting in Singapore, there was little prospect of the Copenhagen meeting producing a formal agreement on reducing carbon emissions.

The leaders, including US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao, decided to scrap a 200-page draft agreement negotiated by their diplomats and instead use the Copenhagen conference to seek a “framework agreement” under which countries would agree to cuts in emissions contingent on others taking similar action.

“Contingent on others taking similar action” – it even spells it out! But even that isn’t plain enough for Rudd:

Yesterday, Mr Rudd made it clear the change of tactics would not have a bearing on his push to create an ETS before the Copenhagen meeting.

[Cliché Alert] “The time has come to act,” Mr Rudd said.

[Cliché Alert] “The clock is ticking for the planet. It is also ticking for this parliament.”

At least one Liberal has the guts to see all this for the sham it is:

However, Liberal senator Mitch Fifield said the weekend events had “completely shot” the argument that the emissions legislation needed to be passed urgently.

“There is absolutely no reason not to wait until we know what happens in Copenhagen and, for that matter, to know what happens in the US,” Senator Fifield told Sky News.

Message to Malcolm Turnbull and the Opposition: there is absolutely no reason for this legislation to be passed before Copenhagen. For god’s sake VOTE IT DOWN.

Read it here.


  1. One must save face, even when there is a layer of egg an inch thick covering it.
    I was disgusted by the Lowy Institute rant, but I guess actions speak louder than words.
    The APEC jaunt was a total failure for the PM, (Indonesian President wouldn’t even meet with him, then shirt fronted by US and China on climate change commitments), but don’t expect anybody to report it that way.
    I keep forgetting the mantra, how does it go ?

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