Labor ministers get desperate

Playground bully. Needs standing up to.

Playground bully. Needs standing up to.

So desperate are the Rudd government to sneak the ETS into legislation before anybody realises what a crock it is, that senior ministers are starting to sound like playground bullies:

KEVIN Rudd has demanded Malcolm Turnbull guarantee his divided partyroom will vote on an emissions trading scheme by the end of next week.

Accusing Senate leader Nick Minchin of “incubating a rural militia from the backwoods of Montana”, Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner warned Mr Turnbull he was being held hostage by the “wackier” end of the Liberal Party.

Seizing on opposition spokesman Ian Macfarlane’s concession today that the Rudd government had a “mandate” to introduce the scheme [Why on earth did Macfarlane do that? How stupid can you get – Ed], Mr Rudd said the Liberal leader must now guarantee his troops would vote before Parliament rises for the year.

“Stand up today and confirm there will be a vote on the CPRS,” Mr Rudd demanded.

If it were me, I would have two words to say to Mr Rudd, and the second one being “off”.

Read it here.

PS. And of course, Rudd cannot resist the opportunity of using the current heatwave as somehow “evidence” for “global warming”, his dull intellect not yet having comprehended that weather isn’t climate.

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