Hilarious: Rudd enlists Galileo's help

I know ten facts about climate change now, and they're still all wrong.

I know ten facts about climate change now, and they're still all wrong.

Except he gets it completely back to front! Kevin Rudd is, you know, quite frankly, stunned at the response of the Opposition to his wondrous ETS and just can’t believe that anyone could possibly have a bad word to say for it:

“I’m constantly stunned. It’s as if we’re back into the trial of Galileo or something and they’re simply arguing somehow that the science is fiction and that they alone in their own prejudiced universe occupy fact.

“I mean, we are back almost in a medieval court.”

What a classic own goal! If Rudd had any idea of the history of science (or in fact about anything at all), he would have realised that it was Galileo who was in the position of today’s climate sceptics, bravely proposing a scandalous sun-centred model of the solar system in the face of the religious dogma of the Catholic church (or in the present analogy, the High Church of Global Warming), which stood firmly by the biblical, faith-based, earth-centred model. And for this (ultimately correct) interpretation of the workings of the solar system, Galileo was sentenced by the Pope to house arrest for the remainder of his life. The Catholic church took until 1992, three hundred and fifty years after his death, to admit it was wrong, and a statue of him now stands in the Vatican. How’s that for rehabilitation?

So in order to attack the climate sceptics in the Opposition, Kevin Rudd enlists the help of probably the most famous scientific sceptic in history, who was eventually shown to have been right all along. I always knew our PM was no brain surgeon, but honestly…

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  1. Hmmmm…

  2. i think the hadley files will sort them out ,he is going to look pretty stupid as is turnbull .run for the hills guys this looks very bad for you.

  3. Lee G Mc Nicholl says:

    How dare we question Pope Kevin the First. He is infallible don’t you know? Just ask Sister Wong. However a note of warning about criticizing His Infallibleness. I suggest you lock your doors as a protection against a midnight visit from modern day equivalents of Spanish Inquisitors.


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