More climate indoctrination

Political indoctrination?

Political indoctrination?

It’s becoming more and more common. Climate propaganda, often sanctioned by the government, is aimed at children, who, being more trusting and less experienced in the realities of life, are less able to distinguish facts from indoctrination. They soak it all up, take it home and badger their parents with it, and the government’s job is done. So here we have another Indoctrination Alert as children at Cranbourne Secondary College in Victoria “pledge to put the brakes on climate change”:

Year 7 and 8 art and textiles students each made and decorated a patchwork pledge patch that were then sewn together to make a quilt panel.

On each patch, the students have appliqued or sewn a design, written their name, age and suburb, along with a personal pledge committing to make a small change in their life that will help the environment.

Their finished product will be taken to the United Nations Climate Convention in Copenhagen by Leigh Hofman from Habitat Planet who helped co-ordinate the climate quilt campaign project.

The aim of the finished quilt is to empower children and give them a voice at the conference and to tangibly connect children worldwide around the issue of climate change and show what they can do about it.

The implication being that a global agreement in Copenhagen to slash emissions is necessary to “save the planet” from climate change. I have no objection to children being taught to care for the environment – indeed it is essential that they are. However, I do have a serious problem with schools involving children in a controversial political matter such as the Copenhagen climate convention. And you can bet that there will have been only one side of the climate debate discussed – and you can guess which side it is, can’t you?

Read it here.

P.S. There is no record whatsoever on Google for an organisation called “Habitat Planet”…

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Bob Campbell, who has helpfully pointed out the the organisation is “Habitat Heroes”, which you will note itself is a veritable goldmine of indoctrination cleverly camouflaged as fun activities for kids… Click here for a taste.


  1. Bob Campbell says:

    It is HabitatHeroes. So the press got the name wrong – what’s new.

  2. Thanks Bob. Post updated accordingly.

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