Sydney Morning Herald runs CRU story

© SMHThe only news organisation in Australia so far to run a story on the CRU leaked emails (apart from the great work of Andrew Bolt on this) is, surprisingly, the Herald. All I can say is that the rest had better catch up. And again, “hackers” are suspected, but it is reasonably balanced (for the SMH):

Computer hackers have broken into a server at a well-respected climate change research center in Britain and posted hundreds of private e-mails and documents online _ stoking debate over whether some scientists have overstated the case for man-made climate change.

The University of East Anglia, in eastern England, said in a statement Saturday that the hackers had entered the server and stolen data at its Climatic Research Unit, a leading global research center on climate change. The university said police are investigating the theft of the information, but could not confirm if all the materials posted online are genuine. [We’re 99% sure they are – Ed]

The University of East Anglica said that information published on the Internet had been selected deliberately to undermine “the strong consensus that human activity is affecting the world’s climate in ways that are potentially dangerous.”

“The selective publication of some stolen e-mails and other papers taken out of context is mischievous and cannot be considered a genuine attempt to engage with this issue in a responsible way,” the university said in a statement. (source)

Yes, that’s probably because the scientists at CRU were not interested in “engaging in the issue in a responsible way”, by withholding and massaging data, and then smearing critics.

As the whole thing is online now, here is a link to a searchable database of the CRU material:

Alleged CRU Emails – Searchable (as Anthony Watts suggests, try “moron”)


  1. Sometimes, it can be just as revealing what the news media doesn’t say.

    I watched the SBS news last night – the lead item was the “1-in-1000 years” rain and flooding event in England. The second item was the heatwaves and bushfires in S.A., Vic, NSW and Tas. All up, probably more than 5 minutes of climate-related news. And I swear to God, there was not a single mention of the words “climate change” or “global warming” during this time. No backrop of a cooling tower, either. This is a significant change of attitude for our “other” public broadcaster. Huge, in fact.

  2. Like you, I too am concerned. So what do we do about Turnbull and Rudd next week….the Liberals will sign up with Wong and Co. and Copenhagen will go ahead. I cannot believe that there are so few of us that our voices will make no difference. How do we make this ground-swell attract more momentum…what can we do??

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