As ClimateGate rages, the ABC shuts its eyes and ears

Climate alarmism 24/7

Climate alarmism 24/7

Whilst the global media is picking up on the story by the hour, our national broadcaster, the Australian Alarmist Broadcasting Corporation, is still holding out on ClimateGate, refusing steadfastly to publish anything on the story at all!

Why is this? Simple. The ABC made up its mind on climate change years ago (if you doubt that, just take a look here), and whenever something comes along that challenges that mindset, it does the childish “la-la-la-fingers-in-ears-I’m-not-listening” routine. They are however very happy to run these recent stories, however:

And of course, the diabolical Countdown to Copenhagen blog of Margot Moonbat O’Neill.

It would be funny if it weren’t such appalling behaviour for a national broadcaster. Just like the CRU lot censored inconvenient climate data, the ABC censors inconvenient climate news.


  1. Patience, Simon. Take into consideration the many small movements on the landscape.

    Exhibit #1: Last month Bob Ellicott (A-G under Malcolm Fraser), spelled out a strategy whereby the Opposition could justifiably delay the ETS bills in the Senate rather than simply blocking them.

    Exhibit #2: Tony Abbott has always been the #1 supporter for whoever is leader of the Liberal party — their weather-vane, if you like. In July he said that they should pass the ETS in the interests of political expediency.

    Exhibit #3: Tony Abbott abandons Turnbull and the ETS last week – says that the political tide is turning and they should oppose the ETS. Since Abbott hasn’t taken any flak over this, it means that Turnbull is Dead Man Walking,

    Exhibit #4: Senator Fielding channels Ellicott and announces that he wants to delay the ETS vote in the senate.

    Exhibit #5: Kevin Andrews fronts the TV cameras tonight to remind Turnbull that “leadership is the gift of the party”.

    Put it all together and what do you get?

    My guess is that by this time tomorrow night there will be a new leader of the Liberal party (probably Kevin Andrews). The new leader will immediately re-affirm the Coalition and back the Fielding implementation of the Ellicott strategy to delay the ETS in the Senate, using the latest CRU revelations as the justification. This then gives them the time they need to build the political marketing campaign against the ETS.

    Turnbull can then make good on his threat and leave the Liberal party and have another shot at joining the Labor party. And they’re welcome to him.

  2. Great analysis Eloi – I hope you’re right…

  3. Andrew McRae says:

    We really have to present a united front on this important issue.
    No I’m not talking about the falsified data, I’m talking about the name.

    We should be calling it WARMERGATE.

    That’s much closer to the original Watergate in sound and appearance, and it avoids muddying the waters with connotations of natural climate change.

    I can’t take credit for this one; I heard it from John Brignell of The Warm List fame.

    Spread the word people.
    It’s the Warmergate scandal.


  4. We need to complain to the Australian Broadcasting Commission – lets start holding these people responsible for their actions.

    I have already started the ball rolling against Fairfax with the Australian Press Council – any additional complainants welcome

  5. I’ve been emailing the ABC for 3 nights in a row now straight after their usual propaganda lies on lateline. Last nights (1Dec) propaganda fear mongering shill Nicholas Stern got me really angry at the ABC lies. Stern the lying sack of crap actually had the gall to say that the skeptics have nothing new to say. Hey Stern and ABC the climategate emails are pretty new.

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