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Nick Minchin

Nick Minchin

I really hope that Liberal MPs and Senators read The Australian this morning, because it may be the last chance for them to realise the scale of (or even become aware of)  the WarmerGate scandal. Nick Minchin comments on the emails:

Opposition Senate leader and Australia’s unofficial chief climate change sceptic Nick Minchin says the email scandal has strengthened a point he has long made.

“The leaked emails certainly substantiate the point I’ve been making that the scientific debate as to the small degree of global warming in the latter part of the 20th century is far from settled,” he says.

“These emails reveal at least prima facie evidence that supporters of the theory of anthropogenic global warming are going to considerable lengths to doctor evidence and to suppress information and intimidate those who don’t support that theory.”

Minchin says the apparent fraud signifies a “rather disturbing culture, at least in the East Anglia CRU, which is one of most significant in the world in terms of determining outcomes of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change”.

“For those who don’t think the IPCC should be taken as gospel, this does confirm that we shouldn’t be unquestioning of the opinions of the UN commitee.”

Geologist and climate change denier Ian Plimer says he hinted in his recent book Heaven and Earth that there is fraud afoot among climate scientists.

This substantiates what I hinted at,” Plimer says.

“Here we have the Australian government underpinning the biggest economic decision this country has ever made and it’s all based on fraud.”

And as expected, Penny Wong comes out with a classic example of breathtaking hypocrisy:

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said in the Senate yesterday that the emails amounted to “a free exchange of views on climate change. We on this side are happy to have that debate.”


Read it here.

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