Climate madness soon to be enacted?

Are the Senate about to throw us off?

Are the Senate about to throw us off?

The next 48 hours will determine whether Australia goes over the cliff edge of climate madness, and passes an ETS based on flawed science and the political posturing of the IPCC, and which will do nothing for the climate either locally or globally, but which will do untold damage to our economy, industry and competitiveness, or whether, at the last minute, it steps back from the brink, and comes to its senses, and quietly walks away from the precipice.

If this report in the Herald Sun is to be believed, we’re over the cliff, folks:

AUSTRALIA is on the verge of signing a groundbreaking plan to cut greenhouse gases, with the Government offering last-minute concessions to win Coalition support for its emissions trading scheme.

The Coalition party room must still give the green light to the Bill, to include new compensation for polluters and green bonuses for households.

But sources said the deal was likely to be accepted, despite significant dissent.

The scheme will raise the price of many goods and services but the impact on households will depend on the final detail of the scheme.

A deal would be a win for both Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull. [And a savage blow to the Australian people – Ed]

The PM would get an agreement he could take to the Copenhagen climate change summit, putting Australia in an elite global club of climate change reformers. [Who the hell is this journalist? Makes it sound like something to be proud of – Ed]

The Opposition Leader would have his position in the party strengthened and avoid a double dissolution.

Even strident opponents of the scheme last night said they believed MPs would fall into line behind Mr Turnbull. [God no – this cannot happen – Ed]

“If he pushes hard in favour of it, people – even though they may not actually agree that we should be doing anything – will go along with it because they don’t want to roll the leader,” a senior Liberal said.

Please let this be wrong.

Climate madness in undiluted form.

Read it here.


  1. Marlene Wilkinson says:

    Haven’t Messrs Turnbull and Rudd read Wednesday’s speech by the Chair of the US Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, in which he comprehensively outlined why Copenhagen would be a disaster for the climate-change (hoax) lobby; why America, at any level of government, will not go ahead with a climate change bill that will impoverish the nation & do nothing for the climate (even supposing it needed anything done for it); & why a growing number of scientists, politicians on both sides of politics (at least in blessedly pragmatic America), & journalists in all quarters of the globe are joining the growing majority of the everyday people in their common-sense resistance to the climate-change folly?? Here’s the link, if anyone can get it before any of the lead-players in this tragi-comedy:

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