Turnbull must go

The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges

Having watched the press conference by Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop and Ian Macfarlane last night, and listened to extracts of it again this morning, Turnbull’s actions in ignoring the will of the party room and agreeing to the ETS amendments proposed by Labor is one of the most extraordinary betrayals I have ever witnessed in politics.

Turnbull refused to comment on the numbers in the party room, but sources indicate that a majority of the party room spoke against accepting the amendments, with numbers approximately 41 – 33 against the government’s proposals.

But then Turnbull pulls a trick. The usual procedure is for the shadow cabinet to vote on the issue. This they did – in favour of accepting the amendments. The next step is for the issue then to be put to the party room – so according to this, it should have been rejected.

But what Turnbull did was add in the votes of the shadow cabinet to the party room result, thereby claiming that the “party room” was in favour, at the same time including Nationals front benchers in the shadow cabinet (who were actually against it), but excluding Nationals back benchers, who were also against it!

It was an astonishing display. Turnbull just kept repeating the phrase “I’m the leader and I’ve made the call”, so desperate is he to satisfy his own green tendencies against the will of the party room. All I can say is, I hope you won’t be leader for long.

To those in the Liberal party who voted against this climate madness, you cannot let this stand. You know what you need to do.

There is acres of coverage on this in the media as you would expect:

And for a bit of light relief, a Tale of Two Headlines, next to each other in this mornings reading list:

I know which one is nearer the truth…


  1. No matter what happens in the Liberal Party, Rudd will try and press ahead. It’s now all about ego. Rudd has been recognised as a “friend of the chair” and a world leader in the AGW push by the Prez of Denmark who is chairing the conference. Unfortunately Rudd’s head is now larger than the planet he claims he’s saving! Pin anyone?


  1. […] last night, like Al Gore and Barrack Obama getting the nobel Peace prize for doing sweet FA, Turnbull, after he rolled his party and the Australian people was awarded the Bankers Prize for; improving […]

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