Liberal senators to cross floor on ETS vote

From The Australian:

AT least 12 of the 32 Liberals sitting in the Senate appear to be preparing to cross the floor on the emissions trading bills when a Senate vote is finally held, either on Saturday or early next week.

With the five Nationals senators, five Greens senators and two independent senators also planning to vote no — for a variety of reasons — there could be 24 or more of the 76 senators voting against the bills.

At least one Liberal senator, Mary Jo Fisher, will “actively abstain” — registering her dissent not by voting “no” but by sitting at the back of the chamber.

Frontbench senators Nick Minchin and Eric Abetz were absent from votes on the procedural motions yesterday.

But despite their strong opposition to the ETS, as frontbench members they will be expected to vote for the amendments negotiated between Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull and the Rudd government, and also for the final bill.

At least some senators can see the pointlessness of the ETS…

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  1. I’m a bit dismayed that none of your pols seem to be mentioning the CRU release and the “obvious to Ray Charles” conclusion that all AGW dogma is just that–with nothing but “Mann made evidence” for support.
    Also, as a mere rube from the USA, I am unfamiliar with your legislative process. Q: Is the defection large enough to kill this horrible legislation?

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