Barking madness in UK: "GPs should offer climate change advice"

Bonkers: any psychiatrists around?

Bonkers: any psychiatrists around?

Away from the intrigue of the Liberal leadership contest, here’s a timely reminder that climate madness is alive and well all over the globe, and nowhere more so than in the UK:

Doctors should give patients advice on climate change, a leading body of medical experts has claimed.

The Climate and Health Council, a collaboration of worldwide health organisations including the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal Society of Medicine, believes there is a direct link between climate change and better health.

Their controversial plan would see GPs and nurses give out advice to their patients on how to lower their carbon footprint.

The Council believes that climate change “threatens to radically undermine the health of all peoples”.

It believes health professionals are ideally placed to promote change because “we have ethical responsibility… well as the capacity to influence people and our political representatives to take the necessary action”.

I can just imagine: “I’m sorry I can’t treat your chronic flatulence, but I suggest you purchase a boat-load of emissions permits instead.”

How about just letting medical professionals get on with their job – i.e. making sick people well again – instead of burdening them with pointless climate propaganda? That would be a novel idea.

Read it here, and see the Climate and Health Council website here.


  1. The real irony is that when excessive deaths of pensioners are looked at during hot spells and cold spells, the hot spell spikes are often followed by a reduced number of deaths. Whereas in extreme cold spells, the excessive number of deaths will only return to the normal rate when temperatures return to normal. So cold winters lead to higher mortality in pensioners than hot summers. The author of this study even estimated that by moving from a cold climate (i.e. Minnesota in the USA) to a warm climate (i.e. Arizona or Florida in the USA), 4-10 years longevity could be added to people lives.

  2. Here is the link for the mortality vs. temperature extremes mentioned above:

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